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Jam Tracks in G Minor

My Flute Circle is loving your new Jam Tracks CD. I'm hearing good things from them as they are trying it out. They think it's pushing them to try new ideas and new sounds.

Thank you so much for doing this.

— Nancy Gillfillan

I am honored to have recieved such a beautiful sharing from you. I listened to a few and makes my spirit feel good for such work to come the flute people and to alow them to walk in different ways with the song andthe heart! It is most special you have music without borders, all people, my strong belief for the unity of all within the music!!!!!

It is a great deed and honor bestowed from you and all who shared on these works!!! Peace and many prayers for you and all of yours, till then,

— Cody L. Swimmer

Just received "Native Flute Tracks/Jam Tracks in G Minor". It has 20 tracks and is awesome. I played along with a few last night and Kathryn really got excited, as did I.

Clint Goss already has one out for jammin' in Am. And will be developing more, many more. I'm really excited since it just flows naturally, and darned difficult to hit a wrong note. I just let it go and my hat off to Clint for such a great venture.

Doc (Marion) Cole - Northern California Flute Circle

Jam Tracks in A Minor

You should have been at our flute circle meeting last night. Mike received his NAFTracks CDs yesterday and brought them, along with a CD player, to our little gathering. We had a ball.

— John Ellis, Vice Chairman, Native Rhythms Festival

I think Jam tracks is the best play along CD available. I use mine all the time. I now regularly play with a keyboardist and this has helped me alot.

— Daniel Ricketts

Hey Clint ... I'm such a fan. What your doing is off the charts. Love the Jam Tracks in Aminor ... sign me up for them all.
The Oregon flute circle went great and of course everyone was shy at first, but in the end everyone loved the jam session. They became pros real fast. Too much fun and very professional.
Thank you.

— Jeff Calavan, The Oregon Flute Store

The care you have taken, and the true diversity of sound you offer, is really tremendous ... I feel as though I am vocalizing with spirited “friends” when I am jamming with your CD ... rather than some rote “practice program”.

— Suzann Kole Ph.D. www.SuzannKole.com

Oh, man!!! Is that way too much fun to have in one afternoon?!!

The CD arrived today and I went though all the tracks, playing a little of all and all of a few. I remembered my lessons from Zion and waited for my 4 bar intro and then occasionally gave "my" wonderful band 8 - 16 bars of solo. You come up with such great ideas. This one should fly! Thank you.

— Jeanne Lyle

Just wanted to let you know I received my copy of the Jam Tracks in A Minor CD. It's awesome! I was messing around with it today and will be bringing it along to our flute circle tomorrow evening!

— Jim Hansel

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Jam Tracks CD. It's a wonderful incentive. I am anxiously looking forward to the next ones. I've started a circle in my small community with between 20-30 people. (This is Henry, IL). The nearest large community is Peoria and is 45 miles away. It's a new circle, and it has just taken off. However, they have all started on G flutes. So I feel when that one comes out, it will be a great boon.

That being said, personally I really love the CD and play with it a great deal.

Thank you for doing this for us out here.

— Nancy Gillfillan

This past weekend I attended an event called "Trail Days" in Damascus, VA and did a 30-minute flute performance for all the Appalachian Trail thru-hikers in town, as well as the residents of Damascus. I used your tracks for the performance and it went great. The music was well received. I used one of your tracks as backing during the "Hiker Talent Show" on Saturday afternoon and garnered a second place using "Do We Yo" as my backing track.

Thanks for putting together such quality recordings for all of us to use. Peace,

— Randy Motz "Windtalker" - Windtalker Music



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