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Jam Tracks in E Minor Welcome to Native Flute Tracks / NAFTracks.com

Native Flute Tracks is a series of "play-along" CDs for jamming, improving your playing, performance, and fun on Native American Flutes.

At long last, we have a new member of the Jam Tracks series! It has 588 tracks — over 24 hours of Background music — and every song is available in every key. Because of the volume of music, it is distributed on a USB flash drive. Check it out on the Jam Tracks in All Keys page!

Jam Tracks in All Keys, Volume 1

The five CDs in the series are still available:

More CDs in the series will be coming out from time-to-time.

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We're planning three different types of CDs in the Native Flute Tracks series:

. Jam Tracks. Background tracks in many styles for general jamming and improvising.

. Music Minus Flute. Background tracks for specific melodies - traditional songs, hymns, folk songs, world melodies, etc. Each CD has two tracks for each song - with and without the native flute. Sheet music is also available for each CD.

. Playshop-at-Home. Instructional and enrichment CDs to guide you through specific exercises and techniques to improve your playing.

Jam Tracks in F# Minor Native Flute Tracks are recorded using a wide range of artists who have lent their sounds to these recordings.

The design of the covers will include a different flute player on each cover. If you would like to be on one of our covers, visit our Cover Contest page.


Native Flute Tracks began as a little 1-day project to record some NAF backing tracks to give out at a workshop in Feburary 2005. It was dubbed "An Hour in A Minor" and we handed out 52 CD-R's at that workshop. People began requesting more. We started burning CD-R's and selling them with a simple cover, and could barely keep up with the requests!

This production series of Native Flute Tracks CDs eventually will encompass about 20 titles. The schedule of tentative release dates is show on the Recordings page.

Jam Tracks in A Minor Playshop Groove Tracks Jam Tracks in G Minor


Here's a YouTube video on the topic of playing along with Backing Tracks:

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