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Native Rhythms Festival - November 13 - 15, 2009 - Melbourne, Florida

This year's Native Rhythms Festival will feature a flute playing contest that uses the Night Rider backing track from the Jam Tracks in A Minor CD. It is in the key of A Minor. You might try a Native Flute in the key of A minor or in the key of E Minor.

The track is offered for playing on-line below. You may also order the CD that contains this track.

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In addition, Clint and Vera will be offering one of their Native Flute Playshops during this event.

For more information and rules on the flute player's competition, please visit the Native Rhythms Festival web site.

Flute Playing Competition Backing Track

Note that you can control the volume with the small control in the upper right corner of this player:


Here's a YouTube video on the topic of playing along with Backing Tracks (best to click the STOP button on the player above before playing this):

From the FAQ Page ...

Do you have any suggestions on how to improvise?

There are some basic techniques and approaches, but most of all, know that you will find your own approach and style of improvising. I might suggest some techniques, almost as if someone might approach a meditation:

  • Find a safe place to play, without fear of being "observed" or feeling silly. And find a time to set aside where you won't be disturbed or feel you need to take care of something.

  • Put on a backing track and just listen. Maybe with closed eyes. Deep listening is the core of all our music making. The wood and the fingers are secondary - the ears come first. If you've got a CD player that can loop a single track, that would be great. If not, just keep playing the one track.

  • Allow your body to move with the groove of the backing track. Rhythm in our music comes from the body, not the counting mind. Let various parts of your body feel the rhythm, and maybe even dance it.

  • Now breath to the rhythm as well. Find the cadence that works with the piece.

  • Then pick up your flute and just breathe into it. Find a note that works - maybe not the bottom (all holes closed) note which can be challenging to play sometimes. But maybe an easier higher note. Just hold the long tone steady until your natural breath ends. Then breathe and play another long tone, maybe on a different note.

  • From there, make sure your listening is still engaged, and travel in whatever direction your heart pulls you. It's not about playing something particular or playing something that others will like or being anything in particular. It is about being present and open to the sound that calls you.


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