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Flute Fonts / Finger Diagram Fonts

To assist people who wish to write out sheet music with finger diagrams, this page provides a set of fonts that have high-quality finger diagrams for the notes on these instruments. Fonts are currently available for Native American Flutes (six-hole, five-hole, and Hopi flutes) as well as for the Fujara.

The finger diagrams generally look like this:

Here is a reduced-size example of a page scored with these finger diagram fonts, typeset in Finale 2004:

The fonts are in TrueType format (.TTF) and have been tested on Microsoft Windows. Use on Mac systems is not specifically supported, but may work.

These fonts have been used for typesetting many transcriptions for publication, including the Mary Youngblood transcription books that I did.

These fonts are freely distributable. However, any document (printed, electronic, or otherwise) that makes use of any of these fonts must carry the inscription:

Finger diagrams courtesy of Clint Goss, www.NAFTracks.com

The Fonts

To access the NAFTracks fonts, please visit the Flutopedia Fonts page.


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