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Who's on the Cover?

Yours truly, Clint Goss.

Lexi Schooley, playing at the closing session of the Zion Canyon Native Flute School in 2008.

Jason Chaplin, in a photo that he submitted to me as part of the Cover Contest for this series. Aliya Chaplin, photographer. Flute by Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes.

Aimee Kurland, in a photo that we took at the 2008 Zion Canyon Native Flute School.

Cover Design History

The history of the cover design for the Jam Tracks series is long and tortured!

The first CD produced was called "An Hour in A Minor", recorded, mixed, and mastered in 7 1/2 hours, just before the February 2006 Potomac Flute Festival. We handed out 52 copies to workshop participants for free. Here's the cover:

When people started asking to buy more of them, we designed this cover, and kept duplicating them as CD-Rs:

Then we started getting creative. Here's the "Flute Rack" design:

... and then three "Forest Image" designs:

... and ...

... and ...

When we realized that we would produce CDs in various keys, we needed to have some design elements that changed with each edition. We also needed to incorporate the "player feel". So we cooked up the "player" designs:

This was completely re-designed by an outside design house at DiscMakers, which came up with this concept:

... which we took back in-house and came up with the final graphic for the first Jam Tracks CD:


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